Chicago Area Chapter
The Ninety-Nines

Richard J. Santori Memorial Scholarships

Open to members of the North Central Section 99s
$2,000 to a 99 for an advanced rating
$1,000 to a Student Pilot Member for her initial pilot certificate
Next Annual Submission Deadline:  March 1, 2020


As of March, 2019 the Richard J. Santori Memorial Scholarship program has awarded a total of $30,000, thanks to the generosity of Chicago Area Chapter member Gina Santori.

                  2019 WINNERS

Sarah Scharf
of the Greater St. Louis Chapter was awarded $2,000 toward her instrument rating; Niki Gaskins of the Iowa Chapter received $1,000 toward a tailwheel endorsement.


In alphabetical order:  Stephanie Brunni, Indiana Chapter, $2,000 for Commercial ME; Jill Mann, Chicago Area Chapter, $1,000 for CFI-I; and Cynthia Schroeder, Wisconsin Chapter, $1,000 for initial pilot license.


In alphabetical order:  Ginger Davidson, Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter, $2,000 for ME Instructor; Melissa Hanthorn, Greater St. Louis Chapter, $2,000 for Commercial Rotorcraft; Jessica Richardson, Indiana Dunes Chapter, $2,000 for an Instrument Rating; and Colleen Weber-Rutherford, Wisconsin Chapter, $2,000 for an Instrument Rating.

                                   2016 WINNER

Congratulations to the 2016 winner of the $2,000 Richard J. Santori Memorial Scholarship:  Kjersti Kittelson of the Minnesota Chapter for a Commercial Lighter-Than-Air (balloon) rating. 

Kjersti was selected out of a field of 9 applicants.  We encourage all past applicants to reapply in 2017.

            2015 WINNERS

There are two winners of the 2015 Santori Scholarships!   They are:

Karen Kalishek, Wisconsin Chapter, $2,000 for her ATP.
Krista Morisen, Indiana Chapter, $1,000 for her private pilot.

Karen was presented with her Scholarship at the North Central Section meeting in Dublin, Ohio in April, 2015.  Here she is!

Unfortunately, Krista was unable to attend the Section meeting.
We wish them both well as they progress toward their goals!

  The 2016 application deadline is March 1st 2016.  Applications will be available online by December, 2015.


Ruth Frantz, Gina Santori, and Cynthia Madsen, members of the Santori Scholarship committee.

The Richard J. Santori Memorial Scholarship offers two annual scholarships to members of the North Central Section (“NCS”) under the auspices of The Chicago Area Chapter of The Ninety-Nines (“CAC”).

One scholarship in the amount of $2,000 is to be used to assist a 99 in the completion of an additional pilot certificate or rating.  Applicants must be a current pilot with the appropriate medical certificate and must be approaching the flight time requirement for the desired rating or certificate.

The other scholarship offers $1,000 to assist a Student Pilot member toward completion of an initial pilot certificate, in any aircraft.  Applicants must have soloed, and, if required for the pilot certificate sought, must have a current medical certificate and must have passed the written exam. 

Applicants must be a current member of The 99s, the NCS and their chapter in good standing. 

Applicants must submit three (3) copies of the completed and signed application including the form, attached essay, letter of recommendation from their chapter chair, proof of certificates and ratings held, medical certificate, proof of date and score of knowledge tests taken and a letter of reference from someone outside of the aviation community who is not a relative.  These documents must be mailed to the address on the application form to be postmarked no later than the date indicated on the form.

Funds will be paid from receipts which document the training.  Receipts must be signed by both the student and instructor and include copies of the logbook if applicable.

Funds are to be used within two years of the award date.  Prior applicants and recipients and applicants may re-apply in future years.

The winning candidate and all candidates who did not qualify will be notified within one month after the receipt deadline.

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