Chicago Area Chapter
The Ninety-Nines

Celebrating our 85th year in the Chicago region!

See our Chapter History from days long ago!   Thank you, Julie Murray!

Chapter History_revised Aug 2011.pdf

Here's a piece of history from the North Central Section Waypoint, 1992   Thank you Madeleine!

WASP Handbook 1943
  Thank you Marie Spear, September 2015!

An update from Pat Keefer (Patricia Jayne Keefer), June 21, 2015:

Comments : I spoke at the International Comanche Society convention in OKC last night about my Gold Medal in the Around the World Air Race and the 99s. I met CFII Barb Spoor from Sandwich, IL because she and her husband's 400 Comanche won the Best aircraft trophies that I had donated. I urged her to join the 99s....

As a past Chicago Area member myself, I looked at the history section. You have a nice photo and blurb about my Mom, Marion Jayne. If you would like to update it, she was named at the 2003 Kitty Hawk Celebration as a 100 Hero for the 1st Century of Flight along with Earhart, Lindbergh, Glenn and Ride. She was inducted into the WAI Hall of Fame in 2000. Her mentioned accomplishments were the Gold and Silver Medals in the 1994 and 1992 Around the World Air Races. Founding 4 air races and Tailwinds, Catalog of the Skies. First Mother/Daughter team to race/fly around the world. She ferried a Mooney and a vintage Bonanza solo across the Atlantic when she was still a Chicago 99.

As for me, it would be great if my name in the Air Race winners sections was changed from Pat Keefer to Patricia Jayne Keefer so that I can honor my Mom and her leadership by including my maiden name.


And just for fun, enjoy this!!!!

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